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We use technology to connect your OFFLINE business to your customers in a way which reduces pain points, increases loyalty, improves your relationship and ultimately uplifts revenues

We are developing Consumer facing IoT solutions that deliver 'game changing' benefits for our towns and cities

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ParkingPerx Park Free
ParkingPerx changes the traditional model of Car Parking for the benefit of High Street stakeholders
Parking is a long-established pain point for Consumers and a barrier to trade for Merchants. ParkingPerx removes this pain point and uses this as leverage to increase footfall, loyalty and spending in OFFLINE Businesses
 More compelling than traditional Loyalty schemes, with a greater uptake from Customers and more active redemptions than store-based loyalty points
For Business Improvement Districts, Local Authorities and Town Placement managers, ParkingPerx provides valuable Smart Cities insight and analysis that is more accurate than footfall cameras and delves deep into when, where, why, how and by whom our towns and cities are being used 
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